These walls are thin
I hear everything
I hear too much
oh so triggering
do I get involved
or do I ignore
Can’t stand to
hear her scream
and then suddenly
fall to the floor
oh so triggering
oh so triggering

© she
October 16, 2016



This morning I watched gnat drown. It was thrilling actually. Pesky bastards! There’s been several flying around my apartment just waiting for an opportunity to land on either my food or drink on fly directly in front of my face as if it were saying “naa..naa, na naa, naa..”

So I Googled a home remedy to get rid of the fuckers. lol! It said either dish washing liquid in a clear bowl, apple cider vinegar, or …. heck I can’t remember the other, but I ended up using and apple juice and water because I didn’t have the apple cider vinegar at the time.

So I set it out and for days…nothing! No little bugger dared go near it UNTIL this morning. He must have just flown in. “Gotcha ya” I thought to myself. So yeh, I stood there watching it drown…(ya know, just in case it flew out). lol!

Problem with patients

I have a problem with patients lately. I guess because I’m getting older. When I was younger I felt like I had all the time in the world…but ended up wasting 18 years of it to a complete asshole who wasn’t even worth it (sigh) . Now I really feel like I’m running out of time. I’m 45 now and practically almost 100. — lol! Who’s gonna want some old crippled lady with dementia….

It’s been too long

Damn, I miss writing on my blog as if it were a blog. I’ve been so focused on making other people happy, which I do enjoy writing poetry and creating my own art, but at the end of the day I really need to get back to the roots of why I began this blog three years ago.

I began my blog focused on my narcissistic husband and his abuse towards me. He was the subject of the sickness that I had had unfortunately become very compassionate writing about.

I didn’t create my blog to offer advice or suggestions. It was about telling my story and truthfully although I’m out of that treacherous environment I lived in, there’s still more to be told. I never got to finish it and I’d like to again….