I don’t need to
be told what to do
especially by someone
younger than me
You younglings are
not my savior For
you are masters
at telling, yet clever
when confessing
Extremely skilled
at concealing

You self-proclaimed
“mature” are not
impressive anymore
You self-proclaimed
adult “whole adults”
have proven to be
the opposite with a
hidden immaturity
which is completely

I don’t care for
unsolicited advice
If I haven’t asked
for it Don’t repeat
what I’ve already
learned You sound
like a broken record

You sound like a
broken record Your
inflated head is filled
with useless air to
me Use it on someone
less experienced

Don’t try to control
me I am not your
puppet to further
destroy To further

If you’ve never
walked in my
shoes I don’t
wanna hear it
And don’t tell me
that “you’re sorry”
Please keep to
yourself the tidy
and clean shoe
you’ve walked
into my life with

I can save myself
I will save myself
Take me or leave
Complete me
Don’t attempt to
deceive me

© she
January 16, 2018




People are cruel
out here
in the world
They are
no better
They are
no better
Believing what
I’d left behind
was the worst
that there could
But I was
Oh, I was
Maybe love
wasn’t meant
for me
Maybe I
wasn’t meant
for it
Floating along
this lonely sea
I’m beginning
to think that it’s
not just me
This world
is cruel
This world
is cruel
filled with selfish

© Tai (she)
Jan 13, 2018




I could be having a calm
and stressfree day, but as soon
as I pick up your voicemail,
there you are weeping about
And to be truthful I be thinking
that it’s all a manipulative
front you put on
It’s as if you enjoy ruining
peoples day
I’m trying so hard to make
it day by day, to move forward,
to heal, to grow stronger
but then you call and it’s
always about you
weeping and weeping
Telling me that you love me,
making it very hard to believe

© Tai (she)
Jan 6, 2018


(from a daughter of a narcissist)


You won’t leave

You’ll just keep coming back

and making my life miserable

When you come,

you bring dark clouds

and when you leave,

they stay behind

When you call

just sound of your weeping


brings dark clouds

and when I hang up

you’ve left me with overwhelming anxiety

So much that I can hardly breath


I don’t want to

see you

and you can not

see me


December 10, 2017


The meme is kinda sad. I ask myself this every day. I know I have my issues, but you may have them too. We just gotta be patient with one another. I mean, isn’t that what love is? Patients….

Some Men

Some men
have a problem
with wives “telling” them
what to do.
When most of the time
it’s simply a suggestion,
but some men don’t see it that way.
This when things begin
to go downhill not only in the
marriage but in the
entire family
especially when there are
children involved Sometimes
they need to put their pride
© she (is me)
Dec 9, 2017


I received the worse news that any mother could have ever received two days ago…my son, who I left with my narcissist husband has been a no show at school for four weeks. His father didn’t even bother to tell me. My son now is addicted to crack, is in a gang, selling drugs and God knows what else!

It’s not like I haven’t tried desperately to contact my son over the last year since I left his abusive father.

I’m not a bad mom. My son just turned eighteen and has been disrespecting authority since he was fifteen. He was finally diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder in 2013. My narcissist husband didn’t help as I begged him to please assist me in parenting our child. I can’t do it by myself!! Plus our son seeing his father disrespect me every single day didn’t help. And every time I brought it to his attention he’d growl at me, give me the silent treatment and deny and take no accountability for having anything to do with how our son acting how he has now turned out.

How dare he (after the call) text after the call and admit “I’m about to bust out and cry” “WTF! What about me? You didn’t think about me and all the pain I endured missing my son, having to go through you just to get our son to call me, which he refused to do with your bad influences.” His father could have made him do it, but NOOOO! He was lovin every minute of it! He was enjoying hogging my son to himself and watching me suffer as a punishment for not kissing his ass all those years.

Now because of all of his selfishness our son is gone down hill in more ways than one. I HATE YOU ROBERT!!

We don’t know where our son is. Last time they spoke they met in a parking lot at night. My husband said that our son had lost about 20 pounds, had taken his red bandana off and shuved it in his pocked, but when my husband noticed it and tried to snatch it out, our son went to lung at him threatening to hit his father!

My husband told me that he did his best to refrain from balling up his fist and beating his son up. Which he’s never laid a hand on our son before. Then my son told his dad that he should be proud that he’d found a “job”. My son always wanting to do things the easy way instead of working for it. He told his father that his job was selling drugs and that his father should be proud of him. Wtf! 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕I haven’t heard anything like that come from a teens mouth in my life! A “job” really!? What the hell is wrong with that boy?

Anyway we’d found out he’d been talking about us to his teachers and his friends. Making us look like bad parents. He’s been telling everyone that I was on drugs and that his father beat him! Oh, and that his father was an ex Marine… go figure, that he wouldn’t say anything spectacular about me….

So this is where I am now. Worried sick about my only child and trying to pull it together mentally.

Don’t cry for me Argentina. I’m praying eventually he’ll come to his senses.