I got on it solely to share my art  Solely to share art I posted a few into a few art groups Then low and behold I got favorable comments  And some “Likes”  And now… CURSE YOU FACEBOOK  I’M HOOKED!! and as a matter of fact, CURSE YOU WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, blah, […]


*HIDING OUR FACES* I want to use the music artist Sia as an example: She’s not the most attractive person And if you walked past her on the street you wouldn’t have “seen” her If she’d written her lyrics on paper and we’d read them aloud they’d probably only read mediocre Or wouldn’t have had […]



There are times when I feel like I wasn’t built for this job. I’m just too sensitive. Doing all the work and never receiving credit for it, when my co-worker and I are supposed to be working
as a team. But instead my co-worker takes all the credit not deserving it at all.

It hurts seeing my co-worker take credit for all the hard work that I’ve put into my job. I’m too sensitive for this job.

A profession where everything hurtful that is said is a personal attack on me.
Even when others in the same profession
claim that it’s just a “phase”. Maybe I’m too sensitive for this job.

Well, personally I don’t think being disrespected should be an ongoing phase that anyone in my profession should have to put up with maybe I’m the exception. Maybe I’m to sensitive for this job

Especially when I would bend over backwards for this job, I don’t know… maybe I’m too sensitive for this job.

One where there’s a co-worker who makes life very difficult. As they train those beneath us to inflict mental and emotional stress on me. Maybe it’s all in my head. Maybe I’m too sensitive for this job

It’s even wounding when the job starts to inflict stress on me because it witnesses my co-worker doing it. Maybe it’s me over analyzing this too much or I could just be too sensitive for this job.
It breaks my heart because I love my position and my job so dearly.

I sit here and think about how I was there for every function no matter what it was,
when my co-worker had no interest and called in sick all time. I’m thinking too much about this, therefore I’m to sensitive for this job

I think about how I made the right choices for this job and how I thought I was good at it.
While being the best of positive influences for it. That some others in this profession wouldn’t even have a priority of. I’ve been at this job for seventeen years. The longest I’ve ever held a job
and have had a co-worker.

But for the last five of it my co-worker has been literally laughing in my face. And either I’m imagining it or I’m way too sensitive for this job.

Treated like everything that I did wasn’t appreciated and I really feel like it never will be.
Thinking like this conveys negativity and that

I’m just too sensitive for this job.

Although others in the same profession keep telling me that it will… “someday”
well, I don’t want to wait till “someday”
I need it now. I’m too sensitive for this job.

Others in the same profession say that I’m over-exaggerating possibly being over-dramatic.
But if I’m being these things then it must prove that I’m way way too sensitive for this job.

When jealousy sparks (on my part) from all the work that I’ve put in, my co-worker comes along and sabotages it. They take all the credit
and my jealousy proves that I’m too sensitive for this job.

Fight or flight. I can’t fight for a position that my co-worker has already won. Giving up is just me being too sensitive for this job.

I’ve fought for too long here. This job doesn’t seem worth it anymore because I’m too sensitive for this job.


© she
Feb 23 2016
Artist Christian Schloe