We all have something to
and we
all want to be understood
isn’t that why
some of us blog? Don’t
we all feel
like what we say matters?

If not to
others, but most importantly
to ourselves

Me, personally (and more
than I could ever wish
to be in a family),
feel like what I say
should matter because

it matters to me
, but
it doesn’t

I’m a very
vivid dreamer and most of
my dreams have
messages and last night’s dream
kept repeating “what
I say matters to me,
what I say
matters to me
” And I
just felt like
I needed to share that
with everyone

I know that we write
because we sit down
everyday at our
desks or laptops and we
take or make
to write how we
feel or what we
want to
express that day because
it’s something that’s
and we write it because
it matters to us

whether it’s understood
or not

© she
September 7, 2016


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