Spewed words with
meaningless thought
Thrown together
in a concoction pot
Rarely an explanation
given when sought
Is not my cup of tea
Nor genuine poetry

© she
February 15, 2016



    • I’ll tell you anyway. I used to be in a few poetry communities on Google Plus and most of the poets would write gibberish. (that’s what I call it) they had no meaning at all and when I’d ask one of them to explain what it meant, they would get angry. I’m assuming it was because they were just pulling words from their a$$. LOL! I like and enjoy poetry that I can clearly understand ya know? Then there was this guy who wrote the most beautiful poetry and it was so touching that woman would go goo-goo over it. I even fell for his “moves”. Then one day I asked how he came up with his feelings for them and he said, “Oh, I was drunk and was writing some shit. I’m really an asshole!” I was appalled!!

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  1. “The moons sky falls beneath the hawks eye lash
    it landith betweenst, its bossom
    Forshadowing its wretched birthed placenta
    In a time of eliptical maze”

    I would be like, whhhaaa?
    And theyed get angry because I couldnt understand what the hell they were saying. Bwaahahaha!!


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