19 signs of NPD


4 thoughts on “19 signs of NPD

  1. Hey, That pie table is pretty manipulative, not to mention it is off. And here I go lying and manipulating is the job of the narcissist, and not the narcissist’s wife. Well, I’ll just give you the correct data.

    When you compare ‘narcissists’ you need to define them. Because there is no definition of narcissists. So let’s do that first. As you compare them to Sociopaths, who are people that suffer from anti social personality disorder and were not born with it, and Psychopaths, who are people that suffer from anti social personality disorder too, but opposed to Sociopaths, were born with it, you will need to compare the narcissistic personalities on the same level of severity. So, on the level of disorder. Which means we’re talking about 0,7 to 1,0% of the population.

    6% you will only achieve when you count everybody that could be diagnosed with narcissism, but according to the new psychiatric standard works, that diagnose does no longer exist, because it is no longer valid. Everybody is a narcissist at times. You will also get to about 6% if you count all the socio- and psycho paths that are co-diagnosed with narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder too. But that of course is not quite okay in using fair statistics.

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    • I agree with you that a Narcissist is not born with the same mental Narcisstic personality disorder as “narcissists” who develop it but practically have the same traits due to a traumatic experience when younger or what not. Plus its just strange and ironic that those weren’t born with it end up with the similar traits. Narcissism is also less severe.

      And yes it’s accurate that the other two “paths” are born with it. Truthfully I don’t understand why they would place the two, Narcissism and Narcissistic Disorder under the same disorder. Because when you research in the DSM book they’re different in certain degrees.

      When I first started educating myself, and I mean, REALLY educating myself years ago, I realized and actually felt sorry for my mother is also a narcissist. Here’s which she has never and will never go into detail about, was sexually abused and not just anybody but her on mother, forcing her to do things at a Youngs age that are beyond what a normal would make a child doesn’t. Then she over time, other mental stuff started coming to the surface as well and piled in top of that. But that still doesn’t excuse how she treated me.


  2. Just wanted to let you know that this person: Ruud Schmitz is an INTERNET TROLL who specializes in trolling/abusing victims of narcissistic abuse. Please don’t listen to ANYTHING he says- especially if you’re a victim of narcissistic abuse! He’s an admitted/diagnosed narcissist who frequently trolls victims of narcissistic abuse on Quora, leaving nasty and insulting comments. He uses Quora for narcissistic supply, and lies about his educational background and God knows what else. Like all narcissists, he’s self-important and antagonistic. He seems to see himself as some sort of defender of narcissists. So when he says “everybody is a narcissist sometimes” he is simply trying to rationalize his own disordered behavior. Everybody is NOT a narcissistic sometimes. Only a narcissist would believe that to be true- because they like to project their disturbed behavior unto other people. There are people with narcissistic personality disorder (such as Mr. Schmitz), then there are people who are not disordered- but have some narcissistic traits. When your pie chart references “narcissists” it’s common sense (at least to me) that it refers to people with narcissistic personality disorder. But common sense is uncommon- especially when you’re dealing with a narcissist! And when a narcissist doesn’t understand something themselves- they automatically assume the other person must be wrong. That’s all that is going on here. His lack of understanding= you must be wrong (in his narcissistic mind). And like all narcissists, he thinks he knows everything, and thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. I wish you well on your life journey and hope you heal from the narcissistic abuse you’ve suffered. Mr. Schmitz IS a narcissistic abuser and like all narcissists he deserves not one iota of your precious time and good graces.

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