with a lie, you’ve come to the wrong blog. 

That’s it. I’m about to get real, real. Why do you people even have blogs if you don’t want to interact with your readers? People follow you because the feel they share a similar story with you, a connection or that they have a strong related interest in what you share. 

But I’ve noticed and trust me, I NOTICE, that people don’t seem to respond either to me or to anyone else at times. Makes me wonder if I’m being blocked from commenting. 

Geez, I follow you or may try to comment because I want you to know that I “hear” you and that I’m reading what you feel you need to say that day. 

I don’t just go along and follow 100 people knowing I couldn’t possibly keet up with you all, then go down my reader and click Like on each and every one giving the impression that I’ve read it when I clearly haven’t. 

That’s what makes me a genuine individual and I’ll say it agian. If you can’t stand having a genuine individual tagging along behind you …then you know what to do. Unfollow me and I’ll unfollow you.

Yeh, I’m a biotch, for speaking my mind. But that’s what makes me genuine as well.



  1. I like to interact on WordPress, even though I don’t always have time (with work) to follow along as closely as I’d like to. Plus, I am sometimes shy about commenting, but am trying to get better about that. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog and keep up the honesty and insight!

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