I want to use the music artist Sia
as an example:

She’s not the most attractive person
And if you walked past her on the street
you wouldn’t have “seen” her

If she’d written her lyrics on paper
and we’d read them aloud they’d
probably only read mediocre
Or wouldn’t have had much effect

But not until she opened her mouth
and we heard her beautiful voice,
accompanied by her amazing lyrics

Then, did we all take notice

My point is that someone like me
could stand right in front of you

And you still wouldn’t “see” me
I could write my words on paper, but
you still wouldn’t hear me, because
you’d be ignorant to thier meaning and
they’d have no effect

But only if I were to offer up a side of
myself more interesting to you,

Would you then take notice

How do you think that makes someone
like me feel

Like hiding our faces

© she
September 29, 2016


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