The legislation laws

NEED to be changed!

Why must we all look like this

for you to even take notice

of what’s happening behind

our four walls

A coward either way,

If he does or doesn’t hit us

Abuse is still abuse

© she
October 5, 2016


8 thoughts on “LAWS NEED TO BE CHANGED

    • Not only worse, but heartbreaking to the victim. Wishing that a phone call to the authorities about how we’re cruelly treated would send them right out, handcuff the abuser and maybe theyed learn a lesson… but only to get laughed at and told we can’t call them just because he’s “being mean to you”.

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      • The neighbors once caked the cops. After telling the officers I had not been allowed to leave my house in 3 days, I was told I was confused and they let him stay with the downstairs neighbor for the night.

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      • Omg! See, that’s what I mean. Thier very good at playing the victim. At those moments of being blamed for something you didn’t do, it’s hard to just keep your cool.

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