He raised his hand to me today
and I didn’t even deserve it

Angry for a childish reason
when I hadn’t even done shit

Sharing a vehicle, I was at a doctor’s appointment that had ran
a little late

Giving him plenty notice of so,
He still felt he had to say…

That it was his car, that he paid for it
and that his time takes precedence
over anything else

I called him a bully,
that he was selfish
and that he could care less
about anyone else

That’s when his face turned red
And that’s when he raised
the back of his hand to…

But then he stopped…

© she
November 3, 2016


10 thoughts on “HE RAISED HIS HAND TO ME

      • Thank you and I hate to keep saying but, but there’s always a but and its not like women like myself are making excuses BUT, I have tried reaching out to every support that I possible could. How do you think I’d become so wise about this stuff. I’ve been to such support facilities such as One Safe Place, who then suggests this place, and then that place suggests this other place and that place suggests this place and it becomes a repetitive cycle of no one really knows what else to suggest, especially when all these suggestions lead to no place safer. It all boils down to and the conclusion is always …a shelter and trust me no one is safe in a shelter. I’ve been in one. I’ve never wanted to go back to my husband so badly in my life. That’s how frightening it was living in one. They offer services such as legal aid, but you must qualify, they offer housing but you must qualify, they offer this, they offer that, BUT you must qualify and if you do qualify, you MUST WAIT YOUR TURN which could be months or even years.

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      • No I have not but I have learned not to get my hopes up too high anymore. You kinda have to grow a think skin because being let down so much takes another emotional toll ya know. Such a toll that makes you feel like giving up. I’ve felt like this millions of times. People who don’t know or who have never experienced this, don’t understand how difficult it is and I really wish they could. Its really not as easy as you think it is. For some people, for some women, for some families it may be, but every situation is different. Some women and families go to shelters temporarily just to get other plans completed to go live with a relative or a friend. Some women go to blow off some steam but then go right back, but for women like myself who really won’t have a small child, a vehicle, aren’t employed, no savings because we’ve been dependent on our spouses, no family, no friends, can’t make enough money even if we could, women like us are shit up a creek. And we already feel terrible enough that we got ourselves into this shit anyway. Pardon my swear, but its true. We’re what we call STUCK. And that’s truely how we feel and are, stuck. Like mice running in circles in a cardboard box

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      • I see you are in quite a situation. I would urge you to seek out a church and see if they could be a support for you. You have nothing to lose from reading about your situation. Ask others which church in the area has programs that help persons in need.


  1. Wow…both people in this relationship needs couple’s therapy…abuse is mental and physical even if he didn’t hit her it did something to her mentally. Great open discussion piece…hope this is not personal.

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