I woke up with this still on my mind this morning so I went ahead and emailed this to my case worker Chad, at the Women’s Abuse One safe Place Family Justice Center (victims of domestic violence) in Fort Worth 

Hi Chad,

I can’t remember if you told me this or if I just read it someplace, but does raising your hand to a woman to hit her in anger, but then stopping yourself constitute as physical abuse?

I just needed to know because two days he almost did so all because I was late picking him up from work by an hour when I’d have him at least 20 minutes notice of it.  

I was at my doctor’s appointment having some stiches removed from my nose (from a sinus surgery) and I didn’t think that it would take long but it had because there were complications. Obviously, waiting on me was too to good for him to do, when when I finally drove up with tears in my eyes from the pain of the stitch removal, he was enjoying himself (aka entertaining himself anyway) by watching stupid video’s on he’s cell phone like he normally does.

He took over the driver side wheel. I said, what the big deal, it’s not like I you standing in 20° weather!  

He told me that it was his car and that he shouldn’t have had to wait. I explained that I have never ever been late picking him up until now, since that last time he got on me for being five minutes late two years ago and he still scolded me. 

Do you see now Chad why I’m always anxious about making it on time to pick him up from work? 

Anyway, he got even furious when I called him a big baby for making such a big deal out of it.Then of course he told me how he was fed up my shit and that he’d had enough. I told him if he’d had enough then why don’t you do something about it (I meant divorce me) then he put his middle finger up as close as he could to my face. 

I told him that that was childish thing to do, then his face turned red and he went to raise his right elbow to smack me in the face with it, but he refrained himself and grinned the wheel again. 

I told him to go ahead and hit me! (You see, I do this because,  if he’s going to threaten to do it, then do it so I can have a reason to call the police) He said, I’m not gonna hit you! I believe he says this because he knows better because he could go to jail.


Like I’ve mentioned before to many of you, I don’t know what I expect Chad to do, however he’s a caring and concerned man, but I’ve been with this Center for over a year and the only advice they ever given is for me to go to counseling, which I faithfully do and or go to a shelter. Well guys, I don’t want to live in a shelter. Who would and if they knew what really goes on inside one, they wouldn’t. Trust me.


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