A poem I’m sharing from a Google Plus Poem Community to my Barely Two Words Blog


Deep in the dark earth what one day will be
a crop or bloom

“struggling” first; here makes a stunning metaphor
Of Nature’s own “hopes” to be “loved”

like one no matter how “buried” in the dark recesses
of the mind and skin

cannot exist without “someone” or something
simply looking for her/him and is never completely

Because it is through another, one
knows he/she exists
and that is “love” as the “sun” is essential
to the “seed”

“love” is essential to a human being
to no falter and shrink like a dead seed

Empathy with Nature is the strength of
one’s growing need
for love

© she
June 13, 2016
Artist by Catrin Welz-Stein


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