Creepy Crawlies

 I hate spiders. Actually I hate anything that crawls. But spiders, those bastards once startled will freeze in it’s place for hours!

Our apartment complex had just lawn mowed this morning and I swear every time they do this it brings in spiders. Well, I’d left for an hour or so and when I got back there was a spider. Gigantic! Well… not gigantic, but huge (to me.) Do you know I stood outside my door for almost 30 minutes waiting for that friggin thing to move!! It would not budge. It just sat there daring me to smash him, which I wouldn’t. Because I’m a wimp.


3 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlies

  1. Oh my god, I can relate to this SO much. When I tell someone there’s a massive spider in my room or wherever, and they come to get it away for me… they always laugh at me and say it’s small! But yet to me, it’s huge lol. I also don’t go near them! I can’t get close enough to kill them, and I also don’t like killing things, so I never will. I tell the person to take it outside for me.

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  2. though i am not afraid of spiders (not so much)……but i can understand………..
    maybe he was looking for some bug spray……..junkies i tell you…….next time just spray some and be done with! 😀 😀


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