What is this world coming to when children are told “If you don’t like it, then you can leave” by both abusive parent and authorities?

A world where children between the ages of 14-17 are STILL being physically beaten and abused with extension cords, switches, and belts at the hands of their parents. This is the 21st Century and that’s just not kosher anymore folks!! It never was, but we accepted it back then. But now it’s just not acceptable!!

And when the teen can’t take the abuse anymore, they’re told by their parents “If you don’t like it, then you can leave.” Basically kicking them out into the streets. Which then labeling them runaways. Some teens on the border of 17/18 are ultimately forced to return back into the abusive home only to endure the abuse over again if they have no place else to go.

CPS won’t help, the authorities can’t help. If these teens are lucky enough to find a friend to stay with, they can’t stay there forever making it their friends parents responsibility to deal with.
Is there no hope for the children of these sick abusive minded monsters of the world!!!

Emotional abuse can’t be proved, physical abuse can’t be proved…if the bruises have faded. Even an interview with the abuser by the authorities proves nothing because the abuser only shows you what they think you need to see…

You see, it’s just not people like me who wind up empty

© she
November 14, 2016




  1. All these years later oh how I wish there was a way to prove the abuse! I feel like it’s the only way I’ll ever be “OK.” I know it happened. But my abusers are SO FREAKING CRAFTY that I will likely live with this secret FOREVER and continually feel crazy and questioning my every memory of my childhood because how would the world ever believe me when they are so amazing??

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