This is a very personal spoken word poem that I wrote a year after I was married in 2001. Its a poem that should have given me an inkling into what I was getting myself involved in, but I wanted to be loved so badly. I had no idea back then that the man I was married to would end up destroying my whole life. I didn’t know that he was going to be this destructive 16 years later.

I started writing poetry when I was a young girl, but I began again intensely after I was involved with this man. Here’s a poem I just came across again today. PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME


think of me as your pet
pet me
love me
and hold me
ask me if I want to go out
when you come home
buy me the best you can
to keep me happy and healthy
maintain me
to keep me loving you
more and more
be faithful to me
and I will be loyal to you

think of me as your pet
show me the compassion that I deserve
ask me what is wrong
and I will tell you
abused me and I will bite
tie me up and I will run away
but please just ask me
that’s all I want
just speak to me

I’m your pet
I need your affection
I need your attention
love me because without it
I will starve shrivel up and die
within my deep dark dog house

it’s just that I need to be loved
I see that you have compassion
I see how much you spend time
dedicated to the things you love
and right now I don’t feel important
to you

treat me like your pet
devote your time to me first
before you devote your time
to something else please

© she

written in 2002

Photography by Julie de Waroquier


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