When you try to hold
on to something
too tightly you frightened it
away but they’re
not possessions of yours
and they’re not
meant to stay if they
don’t want to
you can’t make someone love
you especially if
they weren’t born that way
That’s what I
did I lost two very
important people because
of what I thought were
my envious ways
Accusing them of mistreatreating me
Often in denial
thought it was true I
often wonder if
I hadn’t would they have
stayed some people
know their hurting you and
expect you to
take it and they don’t
realize the feelings
that you have for them
that you’d throw
yourself in front of a
train for them
that you’d give an important
organ for them
Then you need to realize
that they wouldn’t
have done it for you
that’s when you
realize that the friendship you
thought was real
wasn’t true at all that’s
when you realize
that you were holding on
to nothing and
it hurts

© she
November 20, 2016


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