She wasn’t going back to him
After years of mental torture
Making her believe that when
He was angry
It was all her fault

Taking her voice away
Taking her voice away

This is something that
he made her contain
She was a woman who needed to
speak her mind

Not a woman who’s made
to keep it confined
She’s not a woman who
likes to be ignored
Neglected and forced to
conform to the norm

She’s a woman who has bit
her tongue
Bit her tongue for far to long
Bit it once when she was young

Unable to speak
And developed a speech
Which she had to overcome

To stay home and take care
of the household affairs
Ignored, unappreciated and
treated like he didn’t care

Treated like her feelings
never mattered
A doormat she was
Controlled, on eggshells she walked
Her self respect was just shattered

But when she spoke to Christian friends
Who were just as miserable as she’d been
She’d always ask them what to do
Thier response would be
To pray for him

Pray for him
Pray for him
Why oh why
Should she pray for him

The priorities here
Seemed so messed up
When you recognize abuse
Should you just give up?

Leave it in the hands
Of something that hasn’t
provided a rational answer?

So she provided her own
That’s what she did
She left that asshole
And didn’t say shit

Well, she filed the papers
But had no where to go
And this is when his monster
of all monsters
Began to show

*to be continued*

Ā© she
April 15, 2016
Artist Arunas Rutkus



  1. this is really affecting………i don’t get people who say it’s okay to suffer………let God out of it………who let it happen in the first place…….i don’t know…….i get angry and then frustrated because i can not do anything……
    and keep uploading………you write well……….but on second thought don’t upload more……have you considered self publishing….?
    how many parts are there?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. I can connect and relate. Yes, it seems so counterintuitive…to pray for the enemy. I don’t understand it and have a hard time doing it because I don’t know how or what to pray for. I also think it does not mean you have to stay and endure abuse…but you can still leave and still pray. It does not have to be one or the other.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just don’t get it. People…women are hypocrites. The Godly women tell you one thing, but do another when it comes to abuse from their Cristian husband’s who are at home beating their ass. Yet still look down on you for not taking their word. So stupid! You’ll find out what “she” did because of it. More to come.


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