That’s the name of this painting by Salvador Dali. 

I bought this painting in 2001 off a truck selling framed paintings in front of our first newly built house…

I love art, which is why I bought it…

How ironic is was and is that my husband, after 14 years of marriage finally I realized he was a covert narcissist himself…And it’s taken me an additional 3 years since that discovery to educate myself on this monstrous personality to know who and what I was dealing with….

Now after 17 long miserable years, after years and years of waiting and thinking that I was doing the right thing by our only son who is finally 17, I can leave him

I’m packing, and I rediscovered this old dusty, stored away painting… Metamorphosis of Narcissus by Salvador Dali….

Should I take it with me or should I burn it…



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