I’ve got six more hours to drive till I reach my destination. This whole time that I’ve been driving I’ve been doing “Captains Logs” in my head and I wish that you guys could hear what the heck’s going on inside of it. Hahaha!

 I want it documented (which I can’t because I’m driving) but with each and every mile and the further the distance I almost feel free. Each and every feeling and everytime I take my dog out to go do his business (which is been very frustrating), but needed to included. 

Captains Logs even needed to include the fact that he texted to to tell me that I’d left my snacks behind. I couldn’t respond immediately, but I couldn’t help but wonder which snacks they were. So I had to ask (texting and driving) and he told me Chex Mix. I said okay, trying to play it cool. Then he texted back and said, Savory Chex! I thought damn! I wanted those!


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