Seeking a kind, considerate human being, that won’t speak to me like I’m a dumbass, using sarcastic, patronizing and condescending tone, remarks and comments. Someone who won’t tell me that I’m being “too sensitive” for setting boundaries on how I want to be treated, spoken to and respected from here on out 2017. 


Like I said before and also wrote a poem about, I’ve jump from a fire 2 a flame!! I know I made the right decision in leaving my abusive narcissistic relationship but look where it got me right back into another one and I’m even more miserable.


She jumped from a fire to a flame
and now she’s back once again
This time she does it all in shame
Having made this similar mistake
over again Only unaware
When will this cycle ever end
Unsure if it’s a new beginning or
if it’s the end But she was so sick and tired of being her only friend
She jumps from the flame back
to the fire again

© she
December 28, 2016
Artwork by Gery-Art


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