I wrote a poem a few days ago called Dust Road, and posted it in the Google Plus poetry Community, and most commenters  were very quick to discount or understand the reasoning behind it. 

Some said that poets often write from their “imagination” (well, duh!) and that most of those feeling or those penned (written) words may not even have been felt anymore or maybe even untrue.

I wrote the poem about and for those of us who reach out through the poetry… Sometimes poetry is a cry for help, a cry for understanding, a feeling that needs to be expressed or maybe of heartache, but not always bullshit made up from off top someone’s head or “imagination“. Sure some do that, but NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME. 

Truthfully I’d hate to imagine someone playing with someone elses true emotions like that. For instance, a happy and healthy minded person sitting and writing about going to go kill themselves because someone or something made them feel unexcepted or unloved…or maybe writing about the fear of being alone or abandoned or what sexual abuse has caused thier life to become. That shits not funny or to be played with. And I certainly don’t appreciate it.


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