I may have found a place
to call home but a home
isn’t a home
without a presence besides
my own So afraid of
feeling empty and
of vacant rooms or an
empty heart After so many
years of silent commotion
Silent devotion Silent
emotions The actual
reality of it now echos
And this lonliness will
envelope me as if being
swallowed by a deep
dark sea

© she
January 23, 2017

#lonliness #independence #beginning anew #silence



    1. Thank you Rayne. I try to tell myself that I’m supposed to be happy or thrilled about this new found freedom and independence. It’s just scary starting all over again because not only am I lost without him (and the trauma bond I’ve grown to have with him) I must now find my own sense of identity again…
      I was alone (and didn’t like it) when I met him almost 20 yrs ago, now I’m about to be alone again.

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      1. I understand why it’s scary. Change is hard, especially when you’re not used to being without the environment and person you shared your life with for so many years. Hang in there. You’ll be fine. 🙂 ❤

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