“Homeless” again…

Welp, I’m back in a shelter again. My brother balled his fist up at me twice now. I’m not playing that shit. 

After three weeks of witnessing him verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically abuse his girlfriend (well, she’s not even his girlfriend. He’s just living with her because they have an 8 year old together) I should have either called the cops a long time ago or have left a long time ago. The cops she didn’t want me to to do anyway, because she didn’t want CPS involved because they’ve been involved before. 

But this time when he balled his fist up at me for defending her and then calling me a bitch, I had to finally leave (but only after he’d left for work that morning) However after I’d gathered my two bags or the necessity’s I needed when he got back home and found out He cussed her out and spat in her face. And right in front of thier daughter. 

I’ve applied for a few apartments so the one I want and is most affordable should be calling soon. When that becomes available on the 15th, I’m headed straight there. Oh and I’m filing a …what’s it called when he can’t come near me? So yeh, I’m doing that too because I mean business. And when she finally means business as well and kicks his ass out he better not even think about heading my way!!


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