Telling me
that it won’t break your heart
to lose me
Tells me that you don’t care
what I do
These words give me mixed signals
They also enforce
that i should accept what you do
And in this case
both words and actions
speak loud and clear
causing me to assume that you
don’t really care about me at all
Empty words from a hardened heart
Will cause both you and I to be miserable
In the long run

© she
March 14, 2017


Poem Translated:

1. Responding by telling someone that you don’t care about thier cheating or disrespectful behavior towards you will only cause them to cheat (especially if they have no respect for you in the first place)

2. Continuing to respond and socialize with both men and women online and in chat rooms and Facebook message boards proves that the other doesn’t matter. That thier feelings don’t matter and that you want them to just accept this behavior

3. Talking about your future plans without including the other
(regardless of whether it happens or not) MAKES THEM FEEL like the relationship will only be short term and maybe the other doesn’t want short term. Maybe they need love and a long lasting TRUSTING commitment

What I’m saying is :

If you really respect and like someone the way you claim that you do, you need to make a few choices to prove to them that they do even matter at all

– by please discontinuing to disrespect them by continuing to bring up your (which may seem like hundreds) ex’s or how much you attract the opposite sex. It’s hurtful.

– Please discontinue to Facebook message other men and women regardless if you’re really interested in them or not. It’s hurtful.

– Please discontinue to interact on the social web which requires using both live video and chatting. It’s hurtful and causes them to dought and fear you’d easily meet someone else online. Plus it’s down right disrespectful.


If I were to make a commitment to you, I’D GIVE UP OR DO THESE THINGS FOR YOU, but the question is, would you do the same for me??


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