‘Thar She Blows!’ Amusingly illustrated ‘X Rated’ movie posters from the 60s and 70s Dangerous Minds





All those eyes staring at me
And I didn’t know why
But I felt awkward
my personal solution…
Don’t make eye contact
That way I don’t see
what they think about me
And I can just be myself
unaffected by the stares

© she
May 28, 2017



I don’t know how to express love
other than the way that I do

I grew up in a famiy environment
where it was hard to perceive love 

And seeking professional help
hasn’t fixed this

It’s depressing being told that the
love that I give isn’t good enough

Because I care deeply, it’s just when
people tell me that the love I’m
trying desperately to express isn’t
good enough to be considered love,

I feel broken – I feel like a shattered

Wondering “What in the fuck more
do you want from me?”

I give and I give, yet I still don’t
understand how love can only be
about showing affection

When I do have urges to express it,
but my “broken” body just can’t take
the chance because of past rejections

I’m gonna be alone and lonely and
this, I do know what it feels like

There seems no cure for that if YOU’RE
just going to give up and LEAVE ME,
like a coward

Perhaps you weren’t worth it afterall
Telling ME that now that YOU don’t
love me anymore because of it

Maybe YOU never truly loved ME in
the first place


© she
May 27, 2017