Every morning
“Good morning”
Do you need anything
And even if I didn’t
It was the thought
to think about asking
that counted the most
That’s how much I mean to you
That’s how much I matter
With every cough or sigh
You’re there by my side
To ask if I’m ok
There was this distant fear
that I’d be put back in the rear
as this holiday approaches
But I wasn’t
I was put on an “IMPORTANT”
to-do list
Almost front and center
with the other things
that mattered most to you
Why was there ever any doubt
Because for years I’d gone,
done and accustomed to
doing without
Is this what true love is
Because if so
I’ll be your queen and trust me
that will mean
That I will reciprocate all these
ACTIONS and more

© she
May 5, 2017


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