If a person changes in an
off-putting way
right after you make the
relationship official
That person really wasn’t
their real selves
But the person you’re seeing
now is
Understand that it was
all an act
Learn to recognize
the differences
Be aware of unacceptable
gradual changes in behaviors
that once wasn’t there

© she
June 6, 2017


5 thoughts on “BLINK

    1. Thank you and so many times do we forget to protect ourselves from people who have these ill intensioned hearts. It’s actually frightening not knowing who to trust or if the person we are introducing into our lives are genuinely good hearted people…

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  1. Love and life hurts. The world is so full of “fake” people. Those who pretend to love and care about us, but hide their true natures, and end up hurting us.


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