As we all know
Narcissists come in all shapes,
forms and sizes.

Eighteen years
It took me eighteen years
to leave my Narcissist​ husband
It was hard
but I finally did it

Six months
It’s been six months
no contact
And I’m doing well
I was doing well

UNTIL, I moved back home
To my home state
reluctantly and unfortunately
where my Narcissist mother lives

She’s been roughing me up
Treating me just as worse
Making my briefly peaceful life
A living hell
Chewing me up
Spitting me out

I’ve gone no contact
on her before too,
but out of loneliness
I decided to give her
yet another chance…

Narcissists are Narcissists,
some of the worst covert
low down dirty,
evil manipulating human

Whether they be a spouse
or a parent
they’re still ruthless people
They’re still practically
but only in different forms

Since I split
from my narcissist husband,
my Narcissist​ mother
has scooped me up,
chewed me up and
spit me out so many times
in the last six months

WTF!? I’m done!
I’ve had enough.
If she shows up
on my door step
Or calls again
I’m calling the police.

No matter who wears
the mask
It’s still the same person
behind it

© she
July 8, 2017
Artwork by @ shevioletmoon


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