Whenever I see a couple
in love or holding hands
I think to myself
“I bet he or she has never
treated him or her like they
were insignificant

© she
June 20, 2017


3 thoughts on “UNREALISTIC

  1. I’ve noticed myself noticing couples more and more. I was sitting on the beach last week and noticed a man come up to a woman and put his arm around her and give her a kiss as they smiled at each other. It was a very tender moment I witnessed. I became very aware that I was feeling jealous and cheated of that in my life. I don’t think I have felt that before, or if I have I didn’t recognize it. It was a very painful feeling which I felt bad for having. But I was envious.

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    1. I notice stuff like this and it makes me angry at myself that I always do. I immediately get jealous and envious. It’s like I’m torturing myself. I ask myself
      why can’t I just accept what I already have? (Thats a Rhetorical question, because I already know the answer that I’m abused)
      2. Why is God making me suffer when regardless of if me being in a new relationship, would I even accept this type of affection at all anyway? Besides I’m not really affectionate anyway.

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