A major mistake and habit of mine was
that I’d always volunteered too much detailed information

(I know that I do it now on my blog, but this example is completely different) lol!

Especially to this “particular person
who normally acted like they could care
less but was entitled to know

However, he expected it of me 

But when I’d ask him a question his tone and body language alone signified defensivness and he’d respond with

As if it weren’t any of my business, and as a common courtesy it should have been which in my book is considered respect

A therapist of mine once gave me a great rebuttal suggestion

And that was to turn right back around
and respond with
Why ask why?”

And one time I tried it with this “particular person” and it completely threw him off gaurd

I’m assuming that it caught him off guard and the control was no longer in his hands…
While he stood looking confused I said,
Now you know how it feels

© she
June 23, 2017


3 thoughts on “WHY ASK WHY?

    1. Marie my blog was originally dedicated to how my Narcissist husband treated me. He “Barely Spoke Two Words to me” and if you go way back from the beginning June 2015 of my blog, when I first started it, all I’d do was bitch about him. Much like you’re doing…lol! So I know exactly how you feel and what you’re going through, hun.


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