I’m worthless

I’ve been feeling so worthless lately. Today I cried. My new “friend” has been acting like they don’t care about me. So I broke it off (along with other disrespectful ways they were treating me) Even though I broke it off, they haven’t even shed a tear. I mean, aren’t I even worth a tear or a full day of grieving for losing me? Am I that bad of a person? My own son doesn’t even want to have anything to do with me. What did I do wrong? Was I that bad of a mom? Did I try to hard? Did I hover too much? Was I too strict? Was I too overprotective? Was my being there for him too much for him to handle? I mean his father wasn’t helping and one of us parents had to do it.  I wasn’t trying to be a “cool mom” like his dad was trying to be. I was trying my best to do what was best for my son, be a mother.




4 thoughts on “I’m worthless

  1. This is a tough one. Those feelings of rejection and failure are something I know all too well. There is something about you and in you that is very special. You have worth. Others may not appreciate it or chose to celebrate it, but I know you do. And you know enough as well or you wouldn’t know to walk away from people who aren’t supporting you or a positive in your life. I’m so sorry you are hurting like this. Your losses are tremendous and heavy. I just really wanted to validate that for you. You are not worthless though! You are just not.

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    1. Thank you, what you said made me cry…
      I’m not even worthy enough to be thought about by either of these two people I loved about the most. One, I’d risk my life for and the other not worthy of me, but I’m blinded by love for them.

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