I told my husband
I was leaving him
because of the way
he treated me

and he turned around
and told our
teenage son
that I was leaving
and that he was
allowed to treat me
the same

So after weeks
of demanding things
of me
talking back to me
bullying me
being disrespectful
to me

and looking at me
(when he was angry)
with an expression
no child should
ever look at
his mother

I went to his father
and informed him
of our sons
behavior towards me
and his response was
“Well, you’re leaving
us anyway.”

See, It’s times
like these when
I sit down to write
poetry and I try
so hard to keep

them positive
(or I intended to)
but my writing

always turns
into something
deeply sad
angry or regretful

and sometimes
it takes much effort
for me to write
about the better
parts of my past
(before I married
a monster)

and then there
are occasions when
I write things
to make people
chuckle because
making others smile
makes me smile

Misery lingers
through my air
so thick that
I can’t breath

I look to writing
to provide oxygen
To help bring
me back
to me

I write because
I have a
br – ok – en
h e a r t

© she

Feb 28 2016


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