Past suitors
I wouldn’t have given
the time of day
Here, I am giving you
the time of day
and you’re not reciprocating

What’s wrong with you
What’s wrong with me
What’s wrong with this

The others were worth
ten times
the time of day
than you’ve ever been
since I’ve known you
Yet I chose you to break
my heart

Why do I feel so unworthy
Is this my karma
When anyone else would
feel lucky to have me

© she
August 15, 2017
#narcissists #emotionalabuse #neglect


It’s taken me eight months

Eight months to relax and realize that it’s ok now

To let people back into my life


Hardly anyone knew I’d left my abusive husband

Eight months ago

Hardly anyone knew that I’d silently crept back (moved back to my home town)

I’m so used to being ashamed of my failures. The marriage was long dead, but I felt as if I failed as a mother. And that was all that has ever mattered to me.

So… I’m slowly but surely letting those who I matter to, know that I’m still alive again…

© she


This is how my husband destroyed our son. 

I believe it’s our job as parents to guide and teach our children all the way up till the age of 18 if we must. Not set them loose before they turn 15 and say, “good luck and if you screw up, it’s on you….!” 

Think about it….