You know who’s gotta end this right?
YOU do
YOU’VE got to break the cycle
of contacting them
Block them
Don’t contact them
Shit, cut your fucking fingers off
to keep from texting them
Dialing them
or writing them poems
Gouge your eyeballs out
to keep from stalking them
Slice your tonque off to keep from
speaking about them
Remove thier cancerous cells from your
brain so that you can recover
a healtier life again
Stab your own self
in the heart to prevent them
from doing it themselves
Charter a flight to a deserted island
separating yourself from the rest of the
world with no means of communication
as a sort of drug rehabilitation
Whatever you have to do YOU must
break the cycle
or you may as well kill yourself

But ask yourself this first….
Are they really worth any of the
terrible things that you would have to
do to get them off your mind?
And would they do the same for you???

© she
August 7, 2017
#them #him #her #love #heartache


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