This morning I watched gnat drown. It was thrilling actually. Pesky bastards! There’s been several flying around my apartment just waiting for an opportunity to land on either my food or drink on fly directly in front of my face as if it were saying “naa..naa, na naa, naa..”

So I Googled a home remedy to get rid of the fuckers. lol! It said either dish washing liquid in a clear bowl, apple cider vinegar, or …. heck I can’t remember the other, but I ended up using and apple juice and water because I didn’t have the apple cider vinegar at the time.

So I set it out and for days…nothing! No little bugger dared go near it UNTIL this morning. He must have just flown in. “Gotcha ya” I thought to myself. So yeh, I stood there watching it drown…(ya know, just in case it flew out). lol!


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