I don’t need to
be told what to do
especially by someone
younger than me
You younglings are
not my savior For
you are masters
at telling, yet clever
when confessing
Extremely skilled
at concealing

You self-proclaimed
“mature” are not
impressive anymore
You self-proclaimed
adult “whole adults”
have proven to be
the opposite with a
hidden immaturity
which is completely

I don’t care for
unsolicited advice
If I haven’t asked
for it Don’t repeat
what I’ve already
learned You sound
like a broken record

You sound like a
broken record Your
inflated head is filled
with useless air to
me Use it on someone
less experienced

Don’t try to control
me I am not your
puppet to further
destroy To further

If you’ve never
walked in my
shoes I don’t
wanna hear it
And don’t tell me
that “you’re sorry”
Please keep to
yourself the tidy
and clean shoe
you’ve walked
into my life with

I can save myself
I will save myself
Take me or leave
Complete me
Don’t attempt to
deceive me

© she
January 16, 2018


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