Don’t fall for the bullshit

We live in a world where men just don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. They don’t love us. They only love what they can take or use us for until a better opportunity comes along.

That’s how I see. That’s how it’s always been. Just look around. These other women proclaiming perfect marriages and tolerable relationships are hiding secrets… Don’t fall for the bullshit.


8 thoughts on “Don’t fall for the bullshit

  1. Ouch.
    But in some ways, I agree. Rarely have I come across a perfect relationship. Having said that, a few(like 1%) are genuinely true and no hiding secrets.


    1. taiowa72

      Maybe it’s just been my experiences with a certain kind of person (narcissists, assholes, liars, deceivers) targeting ME. It’s caused me not to trust antyone. And I find it safer this way. I find it safer to just be overly cautious…
      Ouch!? Have you not held one hurtful secret from the one that you loved or she you? One that distroyed the whole relationship if either of you found out??

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      1. Perhaps, I can’t comment on what you might have gone through, but I am sorry that you had to go through that.

        I understand that you would feel better not to trust guys after what they had done, but all I want to say is not all men are like that.

        Unfortunately or fortunately, I have never been in a relationship, ever. And when you say that you can’t trust any more guys, it pinches a bit, that is all.


      1. Well, I would have been straightforward if that were my intention. But if you have already visited my blog, I will take it as a win. 😛

        No, I am not proclaiming that. But, isn’t that all of us want to be.
        And to answer your question honestly, I may not be a good guy.

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