If I exit the conversation this is why

Excuse me if I don’t want to talk
about how perfect your children
are and how bright their futures look
while mine is steadily flushing his
down the toilet on a daily basis.
😪 When you leave your child with
a narcissists under the suggestion
that it’s time to think about yourself
before it’s too late and you mentally
lose your mind
This is what happens…
The narcissist doesn’t care about that
child He only cares about himself
He’ll allow that child to run ramped
Expect that child to raise himself
Give that child all the control
Even the control to determine his
own future
And if that child feels neglected
and that you don’t care about him,
that your guard is down
your child won’t care about himself
either Then you know what will
He’ll drop out of school
And the narcissist will not take
accountability for his own part
in what went wrong
So no, I don’t want to talk about
how well your child is doing
in school or even how your child
just went off to college
and no I won’t share my sad story,
but I will excuse myself from the
conversation because it breaks
my heart to stay around thinking
about my baby boy and how he
would have turned out if I would
have stayed and endured the
treatment of his father for at least
two more years


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