What “Broken” Means

From someone else perspective:

“I would think that a broken woman is a woman who has flaws but is unwilling to acknowledge them, get help, or allows those flaws to stifle her ability to love her partner as deserved.

To a broken woman, those flaws can then be used as justification or excuses for their unhealthy or toxic behaviors. These women are usually able to then skirt responsibility for their actions or guilt you into staying in the relationship to “heal” and “fix” them. These women often believe it is their partner’s responsibility for mending their broken pieces together. It is a recipe for disaster and I want no parts of it.

Broken women are often saying things like, “Well that’s how I am”, “Go ahead and leave me like they all do.” “Why are you giving up on me?” I can’t stand that mess.

If I were dating you hypothetically, I would be happy to know that at least you are aware of your flaws. Then we can start having constructive dialogues about where the source of our low self esteem lies, we can talk about what boundaries shouldn’t be crossed, what triggers our feelings, what can we do to help each other feel confident without overwhelming each other, all of these things and more would help us build a fundamentally different type of relationship rather than walking into the relationship and being blind-sided with everything at once.”


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