051091732aa551302891d377321ec2d9eb0d7-wmI arrived on Monday and had him packed and on a plane to a Mississippi Rehab by Thursday afternoon. I really thought I’d gotten through to him. I really did. I guess I hadn’t realized that those who are on drugs that bad would be that good at manipulating because once in rehab, that’s when he started acting a fool. He signed his RAI, Release of Information over to his brother. Well, he doesn’t have a brother. We found out 8 days later that who he meant was the buddy that he does drugs with!! Me nor his father couldn’t find out anything about our son. Everytime we would call the facility they’d say that they couldn’t give us any information, not even whether he was even there or not!

Finally on the 8th day, this truck pulls up in my husband’s drive way and this scrawny white kid steps out. He rings the doorbell and says that the facility called him asking for more info on my son and that he couldn’t give it because he wasn’t his brother and didn’t understand why our son would even put him down. See, this is our son being clever. He was up to something. Not a days later, I get a call from my son telling me that he was coming home because of “insurance reasons.” Then a day later someone else calls and says that they were going to be putting our son on a bus home because he decided to exit himself.

He had on been there 10 fucking days!! The program was for 30 to 60 days!! 😡😡😡😡 So, yeh, our son knew exactly what he was doing. He tricked us because as soon as he got off the bus, (which he texted us to come pick him up from the bus station 45 min away at midnight), he actually arrived at 9 pm where he immediatly called his “brother ol’ buddy ol’ pal” and went and got high again!! 😡😡

Another week after that, his father and I had had enough of our sons continued disrespect of smoking in the house, using in the house, keeping is room NASTY, continuing to go get high with his buddy then returning paranoid, pacing around, stealing the oddest things (lotions) and lying about the most trivial things, his father told him to leave and don’t come back.

That was on a rainy cold night and it was killing me inside to know that he had been texting his father and I all night asking to be let back in. His father said no, but tough love has to be enforced.

It’s December 10, 2018 I’m leaving tomorrow. I texted my son, “I love you. Take care of yourself.” He responded, “I will. I love you too. Turn the data back on my phone.”


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