When you say hurtful (verbally abusive) words to another, how dare you think that those words aren’t remembered or effective to the psych? Out of anger or not, you need to watch what you say! Some words can’t be forgiven and if they are, the abuse will continue…

I’ve been in a relationship with someone for the past three months and they’ve called me every name in the book out of anger (mutherfucker, dumbass, bitch, petty, that i deserved to be alone because of my insecurities, Ms.know-it-all) etc, etc and they’ve even told me that I deserved all the abusive treatment that I received from my previous 18 yrs of marriage) but not have I ever once stepped to thier level and responded with the same violent distructive words that they have… and trust me, they deserved it.

Now, if this isn’t an emotionally and verbally abusive narcissist than I don’t know what is. All I know is that I deserve better than this person. 



(an introspective poem)

I look down
on my feelings
from a cloud
high up above

I see a woman
still drowning
and in great need
of real love

She feels bitter
and fatigued

If only I could
make her believe
the one who’s always
been here
was me

To make her brave
Give her confidence
To love herself
and to shine

But instead
I sit here swinging
on this billowy
cloud of mine

© she
February 26, 2016



This hurt
This anger
This woman
That you see

This is the result
of how another man
treated me

I didn’t ask
to be cracked
or bent
or torn apart

I didn’t ask
to be broken
or shattered
by a reckless heart

But I am left
to deal with
what’s left behind

A woman wanting love
When her heart
wants to keep
her blind

© she
April 5, 2016
Art by Ken Wong