I’m the nicest most generous
and caring person, with a hell of a lot
of awesome traits,
that anyone could ever know,
but a narcissist will always tell you
the opposite of what you truly are

My current relationship
(one whom I’m still addicted to),
and besides my mother
and my former ex-husband
of 18 years told me that I was

“Mean, selfish,
a control freak, cruel,
that I acted like I didn’t care”
and of course many other lies
that I can’t think of at this

I really wanted to respond,
“how dare you!”
But of course it wouldn’t have made
any difference because narcissists
don’t care
It doesn’t matter
to them what you say

I’ve had friends that I’ve known
from high school, college and even
who I’ve come to befriend
within the last few years and months
who’ve told me the complete
opposite about myself

They’ve made me feel so confident
about myself and my personality
that if I were white
I would turn beet-red blushling
with all their compliments

Compliments with which my
will never allow me to accept,
thanks to all the narcissistic abuse
that I’ve taken….

© she
August 19, 2017
#narcissists #traumabonding #awareness

Narcissistic Abuse

NPDs and APDs use language specifically designed to get their victims to:

  • Question their sanity
  • Mistrust those who support them, i.e., family, parents
  • Feel abandoned, as if only the narcissist cares
  • Feel worthless
  • Give themselves no credit for their hard work
  • Doubt their ability to think or make decisions
  • Disconnect from their own wants and needs
  • Give in to whatever the narcissist wants
  • Devalue their contributions
  • Obsess on their faults or mistakes
  • Ignore or make excuses for narcissist’s actions
  • Spin their wheels trying to gain narcissist’s favor
  • Obsess on how to make the narcissist happy
  • Idealize the narcissist

In present day circumstances, these disordered personalities have advanced their methods with scientific studies on how to emotionally and mentally devastate another person, more often a partner in a couple relationship, to exist in altered mind and body states of powerlessness and helplessness — at least temporarily, until they wake up and come out of the fog.


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