She was never any good
at basketball
As a matter of fact in the
seventh grade when she
tried out for it
She was immediately
placed on the D-team
Yeh, she’ll admit that she
was terrible

Motherhood for her has
been like playing on the
D-team of a single person
basketball squad

When she became a
mother and when she had
the ball She didn’t know
what to do with it
And every time she froze
Her control would be taken
away from her

She tried to go after it
She tried
But she was clumsy
and could never get
control of it
So the ball got taken
further and further

From that point on
whomever had it
just did with it as they
chose because she just
stood there and allowed
them them take it

So as a result of letting
the ball get taken
She lost at her own game
A game she now feels like
she literally handed over
to the winning player

This is how her journey
of motherhood has felt
Like playing on the D-Team

© she
January 2017